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i lost the will to fight

23 October
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i skimboard. a lot. and uhhhh, i listen to a lot of music. and im hardcore as fuck.
---so love me gently with a chainsaw
---and take the glass against your wrists
-you know I am your worst nightmare
-----oh how you love my bloody kiss
-----but it's time to die
-----you're worth more dead
---Tell me your fantasies,
-I'll make you believe,
----That I really care.
------I'll look into your eyes,
---I'll tell you all my lies.
----As I take you slow.
-I'll bite your lip so fucking, so hard.
-----And watch the innocence just drip
-So take your tears and go away.
----------And I'll sit here with a smile

In the end we learned what could not be taught. We traveled separate ways, longing for purest thought. Somewhere out there is proof that we should have died together. White orchids on our headstones, dying fragility.